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In West Virginia, waste disposal companies are regulated by the Public Service Commision. They set general guidelines for our services. As a company we have also implimented a few rules are regulations to keep our employees safe. You can find these rules and regulations below. 

Residential Rules

  • The service you are signed up for is for one household. Please do not allow your neighbors to put their trash with yours as this is considered theft of services. If you are concerned that someone is putting their trash with yours without your permission, please contact us.

  • Normal household waste must be in a heavy duty, closed, waterproof bag that weight less than 30 pounds and placed at curbside. 

  • Cardboard boxes must be broken down and bound together as much as possible.

  • You are allowed 6 (30-gallon) or 12 (13-gallon bags) per week per household. There will be an extra trash charge of $1.24 per bag should you exceed this limit.

  • Bulk items are taken once a month. For more information on this please click here

  • Tires can be taken on bulk day - 2 off rim tires count as 2 bulk items. Any tire on the rim is an additional $5. We can take up to 8 tires per year per customer. Any more than 8 will cost $5 per item.

  • If garbage bags are thin, please double bag. As bags become heavy, they also become weak and often tear when left out in the weather or sun. 

  • Please do NOT put bleach or any other household chemical on the bags, or they will not be taken

  • We cannot take materials that the landfill does not accept such as - tires, paint, lead acid, batteries, free flowing liquids, or appliances containing freon. 

  • Medical needles need to be placed in a sealed container (milk jug, soda bottle, or jars with lids) and labeled medical waste. 

  • Any other medical waste should also be labeled medical waste, so our employees can be extra careful

  • Glass should be broken up and placed in a cardboard box labeled "GLASS."

  • If you are putting something in the trash that you think may be hazardous or are unsure if it fits within these guidelines, please feel free to contact our offices. We are always happy to answer these questions and keep everyone safe. 

Rolloff Rules

  • All rolloff rules and regulations are listed in our rolloff contract. When you contact us about the rental of one of our dumpsters, you will be provided with a copy

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